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Resource Center

Resource Team

This is a dedicated team of Sikshasandhan for Research, Training and handholding. The team comprises of six core members and headed by a director. While a lot of research is going on globally for pedagogy, the resource team focuses on bringing these things to the ground specifically for the left-out children in the remote villages. Generally these children are left out due to barriers like language, geography, insufficient learning materials suitable for their context, and lack of teachers. The resource team modifies and contextualizes the methods so that those can have a better impact on development of basic competencies of deprived children. The models are field tested and accordingly trainings are provided for implementation of these methods in various schools. The team also provide handholding support to the teachers, volunteers and community workers after the trainings as part of last mile solution. The team delivers trainings and conducts workshops for teachers, NGO workers, volunteers and community on the following subjects.

  • Early childhood Education training for Pre-School Teachers, Volunteers, Development Workers
  • Language Training for Elementary School Teachers, Volunteers & Development Workers
  • Mathematics Training for elementary school teachers, volunteers & development workers
  • TLM development workshop
  • Story development and storytelling workshop
  • Science Training for upper primary & high school teachers, volunteers & development Workers
  • Gender training for volunteers, community members and development workers
  • Organisation Development Training for NGO leaders and development workers
  • Leadership and group dynamics training for community members, volunteers, community members and development workers.
  • Livelihood management training for community members, volunteers and NGO workers

The training and workshops modules are customized as per the need of the clients.