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History of Sikshasandhan

Sikshasandhan was established as a resource centre for education in Odisha, India in the year 1995. Sikshasandhan believes that education is a vital tool in the process of empowerment of the poor and under-privileged sections of society. It also believes that schooling in its present form excludes children of these sections of society. Education in its present form does not help children to acquire a sense of confidence in life, which is essential for enabling them to lead a lifeof dignity.

Sikshasandhan, therefore, started working with children of tribal communities to understand educational requirements of these communities. A resource centre was set up in order to develop further the theoretical understanding of issuesthrough practical applications.

Sikshasandhans efforts in the field of education need to be understood in the context of the larger educational scenario in Odisha. The state ranks 26th in India in terms of literacy figures (2001 census). Substantial disparities between regions and a large tribal population of almost23% of the total population living in far-flung areas provide further challenges. In spite of various governmental schemes and programmes targeting them, educational opportunity keep eluding them.