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Our Goal & Objective


The goal is to create such an educational environment where value-based, quality education will be available and accessible to the most deprived sections of society, and where the internal urge of every human being to learn, to think, to act and to express oneself can be freely and creatively fulfilled.


  • To provide educational innovations to fill the gaps in the system of delivering universal elementary education.
  • To work out methods to bring systemic changesby providing qualitative inputs for teachers training, teaching-learning materials, bringing decentralisation in educational administration and application of educational technologies.
  • To strengthen voluntary agencies efforts in the field of alternative and non-formal education.
  • To document various innovative practices, community initiatives and community responses to the present system of education.
  • To take up publication activities to promote meaningful education.
  • To take up advocacy work for influencing policy decisions by mobilising public opinion and raising awareness about the shortcomings of the existing education system.