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Research & Advocacy

"Let us not forget that the educational revolution we need can not begin in Delhi and spread to the villages. The probability that it may begin in villages and ultimately reach Delhi is far greater."

J. P. Naik

Advocacy & Research

Sikshasandhan uses its experiences and conduct researches for bringing about changes in the educational policies. It advocates for the following:

  • To provide educational innovations to fill the gaps in the system of delivering universal elementary education.
  • Advocates transparent accountable administrative system and community involved in school management.
  • Promotes decentralization of educational administration and contexualisation of syllabus, teaching learning materails and text books and brings out changes in teacher trainings curriculum.
  • Advocate for appoint teachers from the locality and by the community especially for tribal areas.
  • Advocate for teaching in mother-tongues at elementary levels.
  • Advocates for trasparent system of recruitmnet and transfer of teachers in the state.
It also lends it expertise to agencies, like minded organizations and writes articles on educational issues to influence public policies.

Studies Conducted So Far

Sikshasandhan has set up an evaluation and research cell consisting of experts in various fields. The following studies have already been conducted so far:

  • Evaluation and Study of Secondary Education Institutions in Orissa . Managed by STSC Development Department 2001.(2000)
  • Quality Education for the Marginalized: Experience from the field(2008).
  • Towards Schools of Dream: Stakeholders Vision of Quality Elementary Schools(2009).
  • Mapping of Different Schooling System in Bhubaneswar(2008).
  • Water Related Ethnographic Study in Ganjam District of Odisha (2011).
  • A study on functioning of School Management Commitee in the context of RTE in Odisha (2012).
  • Study on the status of Right to Education(RTE) implementtaion in 30 schools of Kaptipada Block of Mayurbhanj District(2011).
  • Status on Primary Education in the context of RTE in Noto Panchayat, Mayurbhanj (2011).
  • Mid-day meal (2013).
  • Financing of RTE in Mayurbhanj distrcit of Odisha(2012).
  • Assesment of Available Facilities for Primary and Upper Primary Education in Tribal Areas(2013-2014).

Proposed Study(Funding Requested)

  • History of Teachers Union in Odisha .
  • History of Textbooks Writing in Odisha.
  • Community Participation in School Education in Odisha.